Monday, June 8, 2015

It Cosmetics Ulta Meet & Greet

This is a late post, but last week was kind of a blur it was so busy! My main squeeze was out of town for work, so I was left with kiddo duty all week, plus it was my birthday, my son’s Pre-K Graduation, and we have been house hunting! I still don’t know how I fit sleep in there anywhere. Nonetheless, here I am with a recap of the second part of the weekend – the IT Cosmetics Meet & Greet at Ulta! Check out the first part of the weekend here!
Shalott, from, and I drove out to the Ulta in Southlake for this fabulous occasion. The purpose of this meet & greet was to introduce people to the IT Cosmetics line through makeovers as well as the opportunity to meet Jamie Kern and the other amazing ladies from the IT Cosmetics team.
Upon walking in to the store, you could just feel the excitement and energy coming from all the people there for their complementary makeovers! This was the busiest I have ever seen an Ulta store – even busier than the 2 days before Christmas! The busyness of the store added to the exciting, lively atmosphere of this event!

 This picture doesnt even show a quarter of the people there!

After only a few minutes of waiting, we were able to be seated to get our makeovers started! Since I came in make-up already, they had me remove what I had on so they could start with a clean canvas. My makeup artist asked what I looked for in products and what I was trying to achieve with makeup. Being that I don’t remember what sleep is since having a child, I noted that I wanted to cover up my dark circles and generally lighten up my dull complexion – both side effects of my lack of shut eye.
My artist was very knowledgeable about the IT Cosmetics products, and definitely gave me the look of 8 hours of sleep with a few swipes of her makeup brush. I was blown away!

Here is me after my mini makeover. I completely forgot to snap a “before” picture. I had a little bit of light contouring done, and I was blown away by the results. Since I choose to “Embrace the Paste” and am super light all year, the thought of contouring terrified me a bit. Anytime I tried it, I looked dirty. Not cute. But the product she used was light enough, it was subtle but still made a difference. Now to achieve the look on my own-that is the challenge! And can we talk about that brow game?! I can never make them look that fabulous! 

Products used for my makeover (all IT Cosmetics products, of course!)
Foundation: Your Skin But Better CC Cream in Light
Concealer: CC+ Eye Physical SPF 50 Color Correcting Concealer in Fair
Powder: Celebration Foundation in Fair
Contouring/Blush: Vitality Brightening Anti-Aging Face Disk
Brows: Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil
Lips: CC+ Lip Serum in Live

Shalott and I with our lovely makeup artist!

Us with Des from It Cosmetics. We got to enjoy her wonderful company the night before at the VIP Dinner! 

We even got to meet Compacty, one of It Cosmetics “mascots” – Brushy, the company's other mascot, was at another event for the weekend! This picture shows I don't make normal faces in pictures. Kind of awkward-that's me!

Des got in on the Compacty picture fun! 

After our wonderful makeovers, we did some browsing, mingling, and of course some purchasing of the wonderful products! Unfortunately, we missed It Cosmetics' creator, Jamie Kern Lima, during the event...bummer! The event was still an absolute blast! 

I will be trying out all the products I got from my It Cosmetics weekend adventure and I will share my thoughts and swatches! Keep an eye out! 

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