Thursday, June 25, 2015

Dry Shampoo Showdown - Round 1

It’s finally summertime! That means time for warmer weather and sweatier locks! This is the perfect time to talk about one lifesaving hair product, Dry Shampoo. Dry shampoo is a lifesaver, the one beauty product I could never live without – EVER. That’s right ladies, I would choose dry shampoo over mascara or lipstick! Dirty hair is a big no-no, at least in my book. Because of the hair genes my daddy-o passed on, I have fine, blonde, oily hair. Shampooing daily is obviously pretty time consuming and has a tendency to strip your hair of the natural oils. When that happens, your scalp tends to over compensate causing more oil production, which is not the best thing for us oily haired gals and guys! While daily shampooing might be the right choice for some, its not the answer for me. I found giving a few days between shampooing (using dry shampoo between) has really helped a few things: My hair has adjusted to the oil. I can go 3 days, sometimes 4 without having to shampoo my hair (Don’t worry! I still shower on the regular!). Since I don’t shampoo as often, that means I don’t blow dry as often. My hair is much less damaged, softer, shinier, basically all around healthier. I will admit, I am little bias and lean in favor of Batiste dry shampoo. This is the first brand I tried, and from day one I fell in love with it. But, being that I am a product hoarder connoisseur I had to see what else is out there. I didn’t want to be tied down to one dry shampoo if something greater was out there.  In the hunt for the dry shampoo I will take home to momma, I have tried many products. Here I give you a rundown of the more recent dry shampoos I have tried.

With all of the below dry shampoos, I used the Shine Brush by the Wet Brush company to brush all the dry shampoo through my hair. This works wonderfully to help distribute the dry shampoo and work it into your scalp. I highly recommend it! 

Size/Price: $5.99 for 7 oz

Review: I recently purchased this dry shampoo on a trip to Target, I had heard great things about it and even saw it on a “Best Dry Shampoo” list, which you can see here, and I had used other products from the brand that I had liked. I had such high hopes for this one. Sadly, my hopes were dashed down when I got home and tried this product out. The smell was very clean, not anything particularly good or bad, just clean. This didn’t soak up much oil on my hair, it just seemed to make it a bit grimy feeling and hard to brush through since it was such a knotty mess! I had to take a shower right after using this product to wash my hair, which defeats the whole purpose of the product! The bottle says it’s supposed to leave a matte finish, but it left my blonde hair looking a bit grey and very dull. It was pretty bad. I have even warned all my close friends to never ever ever try this product. I would give this 1/5 stars.

Size/Price: $5.99 for 4.3 oz

Review: I thought the NYM Clean Freak was the worst Dry Shampoo I have ever tried, but boy, did this one take the cake. I was in desperate need for a dry shampoo while away from home, and this caught my eye. I use other Tresemme products that are pretty good, so I gave this one a chance. Typically, when I buy a new product, I look up reviews. I made the mistake of not doing that this time since I was so desperate…BIG MISTAKE. Upon spraying this on my hair I did wonder, “Is there any powder in this dry shampoo?” because it looked like it was lacking that component. My roots were very, wet? Not what I expected from a dry shampoo. After letting this product sit on my roots for 10 minutes as I do with all dry shampoos, I tried to work it in to my scalp. Worst. Idea. Ever. I ended up with a rats nest. This product made my hair very greasy, heavy and felt super dirty. It even looked dirty. It looked worse than when I started. Complete opposite of what I am looking for in a dry shampoo. I had to shampoo my hair twice with some serious scrubbing to get this product out of my hair since the buildup from one use was so bad. I still have nightmares about this dry shampoo. Terrifying. This product gets 0/5 stars. Yikes!

Size/Price: $6.95 for 1.9 oz

Review: Lush. I am obsessed with Lush. If I had the time, I would get a part-time job at Lush. Seeing that their products lean on the natural side, I felt it was important to give this dry shampoo a try! This is a powder dry shampoo, so no aerosol ruining our Ozone! I felt like I was doing some good! I wanted to love this dry shampoo. I really did. But, it fell a little short of expectations. That’s not saying it was bad, I just wanted to love it as much as all the other Lush products I use! For starters, the price point is super affordable, and after using this dry shampoo for 2 weeks, it looks like I haven’t used any at all, so the bottle could last quite some time. I know this product is only 1.9 oz, and seems like a lot less compared to the other dry shampoos I have reviewed. Since this product contains no aerosol, you get more of the good stuff - the powder!  The smell is killer, and in a good way! It smells of fresh lemons –one of my favorite scents! While this absorbed the oils quite well, there were some issues. It was messy. I ended up with it all over myself, my counter, and my floor. It looked like I tried to make it snow in my bathroom. This product also has cornstarch as one of the main ingredients, which is a little problematic for my fine hair. No Drought did cause a static problem. While this is something I can handle, it’s still annoying, I looked like i had just rubbed a balloon all over my head. The cornstarch also left some small chunky bits in my hair; putting the dry shampoo in my hair at night might help prevent this. If you have thicker hair, it might work better for you. This product gets 3.5/5 stars.

Size/Price: $7.99 to $8.99 for 6.73 oz

Review: The Batiste brand is very expansive and has an option for whatever you and your hair desires. This does go on white, but if you leave it on for 10 minutes or so, massage it into your hair, and then brush you should be good to go! They even have a colored line for you dark and red haired ladies so you don’t have to worry about the white tint you can sometimes see with dry shampoo! They also have a basic dry shampoo that comes in several different scents! I am looking forward to trying their tropical one this summer! Batiste will absorb the all of the oil from the previous day as well as keeping any new oil at bay. I personally use the Strength & Shine product from their line, since I am not the biggest fan of the matte look. This particular one absorbs the oils in my roots, but also leaves my hair shiny and healthy looking, as well as soft to the touch! I also noticed that I can use this product for 2 or more days without much buildup! You wouldn’t be able to tell there is 2 or 3 days worth of dry shampoo on my scalp! The price is also pretty good for the amount and quality of the product you get. The only problem I have with this product is how difficult it is to obtain. I either have to go out to Ulta or Kroger, neither of which are guaranteed to have the Strength & Shine one, or order off line if I ever remember earlier enough (Online is a lot cheaper! Nearly $2.00 off!!) You can also find the line for buy one get one 50% at Ulta fairly often! I would give this one a solid 4.5/5 stars!

Size/Price: $3.49 for 5 oz

Review: By the time I got to this dry shampoo in my little experiment, I felt pretty defeated. I hadn’t quite found anything that stood anywhere near the dry shampoo I currently loved. The first day I tried this dry shampoo, I was impressed. I thought this one might just end up being pretty decent. I even told my husband that “this shampoo might come to a close 2nd to my favorite dry shampoo”. The smell was very fresh and not overpowering at all. When I sprayed the product in my roots, the powder seemed fine enough to work into my hair quite nicely! I can usually tell with the 1st spray of dry shampoo if it is going to work for me or not. This blended into my hair very nicely and absorbed the oils on my scalp. I was pretty confident this might be a winner in my book...until later that afternoon. While it absorbed the oil from the day before, it did not keep the days new oil away. My hair looked a little greasy around the front of my head, where I tend to touch my hair the most. Not a big issue and definitely not a complete deal breaker. That of course came the next morning when I tried to go the 2nd day without washing my hair. This is where things went wrong. The shampoo wouldn’t blend into my hair, and just left an awful white powdery sheen on my hair. I believe this was due to the build up from 2 days.  My hair also felt much dryer than the previous day. My hair was also very weighed down, opposite of the volume dry shampoos are supposed to give your hair! I would give this product a 3/5 stars.

Size/Price: $22.00 for 5.3 oz

I received a sample of this in my Birchbox last month and was super excited to give this a try! I had used previous Amika products and they were all fabulous! I tried this on day old hair, so there was no previous dry shampoo lingering to tip the scales. I was particularly oily that morning so it was the perfect opportunity to test this product out. I did a few sprays on my scalp and let it sit for the normal 10 minutes. The smell of this dry shampoo was amazing. I think that was my favorite part! Once I massaged it in and brushed it out, Amika took care of my oil like a champ and also made my hair feel pretty darn soft! The brand claims the dry shampoo contains "antioxidant and fatty acid-rich obliphica oil" that is meant to strengthen your locks while also helping with shine and split end repairs! While I didn't use it long enough to verify the strengthening and repairing qualities of this, it did give my hair quite a bit of shine. It even kept my oil at bay for most of the day and kept up to expectation on the 2nd day of use! My only issue with this dry shampoo is the cost for how much you get. At $4.15/oz of product, the price is pretty steep! You only get a little over 5oz of product and when compared to others on my list, that could mean the difference of at least one weeks use! This product gets 4/5 stars!

And the winner is.....

You should have seen this coming! I basically wrote a love sonnet for this product above! The cost for the quality of the product was what tipped the scales in the favor of Batiste. Amika came to a very close second, but again, the price was what knocked it out in this race. Since this is a product I use often and go through quite a bit of it, economic value was clearly something that is important. I can go through 1.5 to 2 cans of dry shampoo in a months time, so that could rack up quite the bill for a dry shampoo as pricey as Amika!

I will be trying out some more dry shampoo brands and will soon have a Round 2 (and beyond! Do you know how many brands and types of Dry Shampoo there are?! I was amazed when researching!) Do you have a favorite dry shampoo, or a dry shampoo you are interested in? Let me know in the comments! It very well could make it into my next round!

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