Saturday, June 20, 2015

Tarte Makeover Event Recap

I have seriously been slacking on my blog this week, and for that my dear readers, I apologize! House hunting is absolulty killing me, and all of my time. I never thought in a million years this would be such a difficult task! Any house I have found and liked, is GONE within hours. Its frustrating. Time consuming. Stressful.

I digress! Last weekend, Shalott ( and I were invited to an event hosted by Tarte at the Hulen Ulta in Fort Worth, for the ability to try out their products and get some super fun makeovers!

The event was on the smaller side, but, I personally prefer that! We weren't packed in there like sardines! It was a lot more mellow than other events I have been to in the past, but it was very relaxing getting my makeover! I felt pampered! 

I was not new to Tarte products at all! I love their lipstains, their blushes, and their mascara. I even converted my mom to a Lights, Camera, Lashes fan- and she's much harder to convince than me! 

After some browsing and excess swatching - hello hand stains! - it was time to get our makeover on using exclusively Tarte products! My fabulous artist, Samuel, wanted me to give contouring a try! My thought was "Why not? He's a professional", especially since I royally screw it up every time. I look like my son does after playing in the dirt.

I was seriously impressed with the final results! I had definition in my cheek bones, something I haven't seen much of since the dreaded pregnancy weight gain 6 years ago! Samuel even walked me thought the steps he was taking so I could replicate it at home. While the contouring isn't something I would do on a daily basis since I like to wear much more natural makeup for work, I will definitely pull this out of my back pocket when I want the "Dammmmnnn, girl! You sexy!" feeling for a night out on the town!

My wonderful artitst, Samuel and I. He was great! I just wish I could take
 him home with me and have him do my makeup on a daily basis!

The products used for my makeover are as follows:

Mararuja Creaseless Concealer in Medium/Neutral 
Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation in Medium/Neutral (This made me break out pretty bad! Oh no!)
Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara
The Slenderizer Bamboo Contouring Brush

Shalott and I with one of the Tarte artists, Melissa. 

My favorite fellow blogger, Shalott!

I am glad that the Manager of this Ulta, Misty, reached out to us to join in on the fun! Tarte cosmetics has always been one of those brands that I just drooled over as a younger teen and love to this day! I am glad I got to try some products that I hadn't had a chance to try! I also just want to hoard more of their lip stains, blushes, and now cheek stains! I am a sucker for those types of products!

We also got an awesome Swag Bag from Tarte! I will review those products as I get to try them out a and give you my opinions!!

Have you tried any Tarte Cosmetics products? If so, let me know your favorites below in the comments.

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