Sunday, March 15, 2015

Where Do I Online Shop?

I openly admit I have a problem with online shopping. It's not so much a problem as it is happy addiction. Because I love testing out new products and buying every SC nail polish I can get my hands on, i'm always looking out for discounts that'll help me save some money. When I shop online I have a few staple stores I like to check out to get all my favorite brands at lower prices. In no particular order my favorite places to go are:

1. Sephora

Sephora doesn't always have the best sales, but it does have a wide variety of brands that you can't get everywhere. For example Kat Von D Products are only carried by Sephora, so I like to just head directly there if I'm looking to buy any of those products. 


ULTA is great because it carries a variety of drugstore and high-end products. Their rewards program is great and let you earn points which you can use as cash to lower your next shopping trip's cost. They also have great sales all the time on high-end products. I would highly suggest signing up for their emails as well as their flyer which comes with a $3.50 coupon each month. 


LUSH produces some really high-quality products but it is a tad expensive. They don't have many sales but I'm adding them to this list because I almost exclusively shop online for my lush products. People often times complain, myself included, that stepping inside lush feels a little bit like an explosion in your nose and it can be very overwhelming at first to get adjusted to the smell. It's not a particularly bad smell but overall it's very overwhelming and gives me a headache. I have a few staple products that I always get from lush which I will probably cover in a future blog post so online shopping works for me because I already know what I'm looking to buy. 

4. Target

Target is my favorite place to go for all my drugstore products. The target closest to me doesn't carry a super huge variety of beauty products so I prefer to shop online for those. Target is great about coupons and sales so if you're in the market for some drugstore and lower end products target is definitely the best place to shop. I prefer target over CVS and Walgreens any day. I really think CVS and Walgreens mark up their prices pretty significantly. 

What's your favorite store to buy your beauty products? Let me know in the comment section below! 

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