Thursday, May 7, 2015 Review

I am about to lay some truth about motherhood on you. Your life forever changes- for the good, the bad and the ugly. The changes range from having your heart filled with a kind of love you never thought you could experience to having a kangaroo pouch from carrying a tiny human being for 10 months. Before I got pregnant, I loved to play around with my style and I loved shopping! Fast forward 6 years, and it's not nearly as much fun. When you have a little boy and husband in toe, both complaining about how bored they are or how much they would rather go to the Lego Store, its hard to put together outfits while shopping. Its hard to ENJOY shopping like that. Now being a mom, with a job in an office with a stricter dress code, I had to change my style up a bit too. I suddenly felt like I lost my sense of what pieces I should put together, I needed some inspiration, and I needed it bad! A friend of mine posted about a website called and she raved about how absolutely amazing it was, so I had to check it out.

Description: From MyStylit's webpage, Stylit is your online personal stylist. Simply fill out a short questionnaire about your favorite fashion, size and budget and our algo-fashion styling machine will determine your Style DNA.

How it works: Each Thursday, your "personal stylist" sends 4-6 outfit samples. Each week there is a theme they follow in the outfits they pick out for you. The outfits will always include a dress or bottoms and top, shoes, accessories, and some form of beauty product. At times they will also include jackets, cardigans, or other cover-ups. They include where you can purchase each item, a direct link to purchase, and the cost. You review each outfit, up to 5 stars. Week after week, the outfits you receive are changed based upon your ratings. It took roughly a month for the outfits to be more inline with my personal tastes. This site has really helped with the outfit inspiration that I needed, it also helped me find new places to shop! It's pertinent to review the outfits that are sent to you each week, so the personal stylists know hat you are into and what you aren't. The best part is, it is complete free! Its like having a personal shopper without the expensive price tag! I would rate this site 4.5/5 stars! Now, go on, sign up and experience it for yourself!

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