Friday, February 27, 2015

4 Easy Nail Tutorials That Look Amazing

Between work and a 5 year old boy I don't really get much time to pamper myself as much as I would like. So, today I'm sharing four easy nail tutorials that can be accomplished during naptime or a lunchbreak!

1. Glitter Tip Nails
These glitter tip nails are SO easy to do! I've tried these many times and I highly recommend using an old brush that you don't mind possibly ruining with the wet polish. I also highly suggest adding the glitter in layers, allowing it to settle before adding a next layer. This will make the coverage look more even towards the tip. Full tutorial here.

2. Fan Brush Stripes

This is similar to the tutorial above in that it uses a makeup brush in its application. The trick here is to immediately clean the brush with a little nail polish remover right after applying each layer. This will prevent the bristles in the brush from clumping up together and will help your maincure have even, non-streaky, strokes. Full tutorial here.

3. Mini-French Tip

This is a great tutorial for short nails but the technique can be used for longer n ails as well by just moving the nail covering further down. I have seen this done with band aids, tape, and even binder hole protectors (is that what they're called?). Full tutorial here

4. Ombre Nails

This tutorial is great because it shows a basic technique which can then be applied to any color in the rainbow. I would personally suggest to use this with a latex/liquid tape and to dab the polish on about 5-6 times for an opaque finish. These nails are so quick to put together but they look incredibly difficult. For added glitz, layer a sparkly polish once the ombre layer has dried. Full tutorial here.

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